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Things Can Only Get Better

by phildini on May 4, 2017

This post is a long time coming. A much longer time coming than I intended, actually. It's been almost a year since any post was made to this site, and it's just been sitting here, ticking away. I've changed jobs, the country has changed Presidents, the world and I have changed in so many immeasurable ways.

There is more to say here, and trust me that I'm going to be writing here even more. Just the act of writing is helping centering me right now, and I'm coming to think that maybe I need to do it for my own survival.

Along those lines, with my dear friend Annalee (who helps run The Bias) I have started a small community for writers, specifically Science Fiction and Fantasy writers. Think of it as a Twitter for Writers, with an excellent community and a strong Code of Conduct. It lives at the Wandering Shop, and you're cordially invited to join us. The community there is part of why this post exists, and why I'm trying to resurrect this site. They inspire me to write every day.

More will come. It's quite honestly been pretty rocky for me over the past year, but things can only get better.

Weekly Words 3

by phildini on September 2, 2014

I'm working my way through a book of Jack Vance-inspired stories, and the vocabulary is thick as fog.

philtre - a magic potion (Wiki)

ague - a fever (Merriam-Webster)

whit - the smallest part imaginable (Merriam-Webster)

sortie - deployment of military forces from a strongpoint (Wiki)

ell - a unit of measure derived from the length of a man's forearm. (Wiki)

lictor - a bodyguard for Roman political leaders (Wiki)

nacre - another name for mother-of-pearl (Wiki)

cataphract - heavily armored cavalry (Wiki)

Weekly Words 2

by phildini on August 25, 2014

Another installment of "Words What I Looked Up This Week", defined for our mutual pleasure.

transon - transverse horizontal structural beam, normally over a door (Wiki)

loggia - exterior gallery support by pillars in facade (Wiki)

pilaster - ornamental fake column (Wiki)

sestina - fixed verse poen consisting of six six-line stanzas (Wiki)

villanelle - 19 line poem consisting of 5 tercets, followed by a quatrain (Wiki)

damask - reversible fabric of patterned silk (Wiki)

orpiment - deep orange/yellow arsenic sulfide mineral (Wiki)

roseate - rose-colored, optimistic (Wiki)

Weekly Words 1

by phildini on August 14, 2014

Howdy. On the recommendation of a really good book I picked up a couple weeks ago, I've started collecting words that are unknown to me. Here's the words I came across this week that I needed to look up, with my interpretation of their definition.

milieu - the general environment something takes place in, including natural and unnatural features, atmosphere, and culture (Wiki Milieu)

serge - a type of fabric, tightly woven, often wool, with a distinct pattern (Wiki Serge)

zweiback - twice-baked sweet toast from Germany. Literally means "twice baked" (Wiki Zweiback)

dramaturge - researcher and developer in a theater company. Kind of a meta-producer, responsible for meshing all the different creative visions with the source material (Wiki Dramaturge)

trinitite - glassy mineral residue left by the Trinity Bomb test (Wiki Trinitite)

Check back next week for more words!